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Zhejiang Leiyu Intelligent Hardware Technology Co.,Ltd. was established in 2006, located in No. 8 Lemon Road,Ouhai Economic Development Zone, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang China.Leiyu production base in Taishun which is the professional lock maker,the production plant covers an area of nearly 12,249 square meters,around 150 employees.The main product including intelligent lock,mechanical lock , door and window hardware accessories.Leiyu has a long-term cooperative relationship with suppliers of famous domestic real estate companies such as Vanke and Haier Real Estate, and has been a high-quality hardware supporting supplier of Vanke and Haier Real Estate, with an annual supply of 500,000 sets of locks.Leiyu company independently developed the global original "hand-open" smart lock series products in 2018 and obtained a number of national patents which was applied for office and home.Leiyu launch “Smart Apartment Plan” achieved easy management of house ,Settlement of the bill,solved hotel/apartment/ home stay and many life management problems ,also providing customized solution with the renting house,rental apartment, hotel management, company office.



Technical Breakthrough

In 2008, Leiyu made a technological breakthrough in the production of aluminum oxide materials, and developed a new healthy and environmentally friendly aluminum alloy with excellent performance named Apple aluminum

Innovation and Development

Since LEI-U establishment, Lei Yu has insisted product quality priority, and has obtained more than 80 intellectual property rights, more than 50 Chinese and foreign certifications, and 8 core patents. The main products have passed the American BHMA electronic lock certification, the American UL fire safety certification, and the European CE electronic lock certification.



In 2019 LEI-U new type of intelligent door lock  LVD-05 born.There are 4 core patents and can be used in most language worldwide.This smart lock can be used for private homes,commercial office,residential buildings and more.

LVD-05 Subvert people's imagination of traditional smart locks



In May of 2020,LVD-06 2.0version was published,cooperate with Tuya intelligent and TT lock application to make a new smart life . Our goal is to help make life simpler and more secure.



At present, LEI-U “hand-open” smart lock is exported to more than 20 countries overseas, in North America, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Europe, Central America and other regions.And established a stable long-term relationship of cooperation with the local building material customers, super market and other types of customers.

At LEI-U Home, we believe that the door to the home isn't just about keeping your home safe from unwanted visitors. It's also about letting the right people in - at the right times.


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