Touchscreen Keypad Lock

Short Description:

LVD-06SF is a semi-conductor biometric fingerprint lock for apartment /office wooden door or metal door.All in one smart door lock,its the best seller in the new product lines.

Voice navigation for easy operation

Low voltage alarm

Touch screen keypad, blue backlight digits

Reversible handle

Lift handle for double lock


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    • Materials

      High Density Aluminium Alloy

    • Surface Treatment


    • Fingerprint Reader

      Living fingerprint recognition, 0.5 second speed recognition

    • Administrator Capacity

      100 PCS

    • User Capacity

      100 PCS

    • Fingerprint Capacity

      100 PCS

    • Password Capacity


    • IC Card Capacity

      50 PCS

    • APP

      TUYA APP (Bluetooth)

    • Unlock Mode

      Fingerprint(optional), Password, IC Card, Bluetooth, Keys

    • Fingerprint Resolution

      500 DPI

    • False Rejection Rate


    • False Accept Rate


    • Power Supply

      4 PCS AA Battery

    • Backup Power

      USB Interface

    • Battery Life

      1 year

    • Work Temperature


    • Working Relative Humidity


    • Door Thickness


    • Lock Body

      Single-Latch,and suitable for the lock body which's backset is bigger than 45mm

    • Color

      Black, Silver, Brown,Gold

    1.Swedish FPC sensor, 0.5 second speed recognition

    2.Intelligent alarm function and password protection function, when the wrong password is entered for 5 times continuously, the system will lock for 180 seconds, and sound and light alarm

    3.Multiple unlock mode: Fingerprint, Password ,IC card, Keys, Bluetooth

    4.Scramble code function: the valid password is 6 to 8 digits, which supports front and back dummy password to prevent from peeking

    5.Fingerprint function: Intelligent touch screen technology without fingerprints, Swedish FPC semiconductor military-grade collector, living fingerprint recognition

    6.Temporary password function: the mobile APP generates a remote password for the guest to unlock the door

    7.Passage Mode: when you need to open/close the doors frequently, you can turn this mode on

    8.Access records query: You can check access records at anytime by App


    1.Passage Mode: When you need to open/close the doors frequently, you can turn this mode on, and then everyone can unlock the door without any fingerprint, IC card, password or Bluetooth.

    2.Secure Lock Mode: Except for APP, all users’ fingerprints, password and IC cards can not unlock the door.

    3.Member Management: There are two types of members, Family members and Other members. Different permissions can be set according to different members.

    4.Generate Password : the administrator can generate a password on the App with 2 modes for your choice, including permanent, timed and one-time.

    5.Access Records Query: You can check all the access records at anytime.

    6.Apartment Management: this app can send the temporary passcode directly, check in and check out, check the tenant list, check the access records, add the list of branches, and pay the rent and utility fees.The landlord can send the rent bill to the tenant by TT Renting App. The bill can include: rent, water and electricity, gas, property and so on. This App provides a all-feaured mobile management function for apartment and tenement.

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